I’ve been sitting on the side lines of the food blogosphere for about 18 months. Finally I’ve decided to dive in. Why a change of mind? Because every day at work (I’m an osteopath) I meet people who have no idea what ‘good’ food is. And even more who think they do but who actually have no idea (scarier). Then there are the check-out boys & girls who have to ask you ‘what’s this?’ as they point to a turnip and still others who can’t make the simplest salad dressing or pasta sauce. I’m not judging, I used to be one of them.

In days gone by everything was made from scratch at home and knowledge passed down through the generations. The introduction of processed foods for convenience sake has meant a lot of food knowledge, once considered basic, is now forgotten. At least, that seems to be the case in our fast paced, independent, western culture.

Food blogs are written by foodies, and as such we tend to skip over the basics in order to get to the latest superfood, exotic ingredient or raw food techinque. I want to keep this simpler than that. Yes, they’ll be some adventurous dishes but for the most part I want to keep in mind those at the start of their journey, get back to basics and demonstrate that good food can be simple, quick, easy, delicious and affordable.

Having fun in the kitchen and continuing to challenge yourself and learn new things is important. If there is anything that has you a little stumped in the kitchen, let me know. I’d love to take a crack at it.

Finally a big thanks to everyone who has commented and liked and generally made me feel like I’m not entering a void. I am loving forming a whole new community and look forward to sharing a few meals with you.