It’s almost 12 months since I dropped off the radar and stopped blogging. I was enjoying being in my own private little world too much to post why. The reason has now arrived and I’m ready to share. Little Léonard joined the world on the 21st of September. He’s 4 wks old now and growing beautifully, as evidenced by some mighty chubby cheeks. 

I stopped blogging while pregnant because I just didn’t feel particularly creative or curious, my reasons for starting in the first place. I also found that getting a blog up and running took time and energy. I didn’t want to spend mine online. My focus had shifted. I wanted to cherish the new and life changing experience that is pregnancy. 

Aside from a few hiccups it’s been a wonderful 10 months. The next adventure is only just beginning. I hope to get back to this blog a little now. No doubt posts will be less frequent and I imagine they might take on a different shape and form. (It won’t become a parenting blog. Promise! Goodness knows I’m no expert.) But there will be something. We’ll just have to see where the road takes me.