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So I know I said earlier that my kitchen days are functional relaxation for me. Well… Today wasn’t. Today was just functional. In fact, I don’t really know why it became a kitchen day to begin with.

Sunday’s for us usually mean an early morning trip to the market, followed by coffee, a laze around the house, perhaps some gardening and then a swim at the beach in the arvo. Today started out normally enough but by the time we arrived home, Juls was sneezing manically and sweating a fever. There were calls for chicken-noodle soup and healing teas. Kitchen day had begun!

The rundown:

  • Tumeric, Ginger & Lemongrass Tea
  • Japanese Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Yoghurt
  • Veggie Stock Concentrate
  • Mustard Marinade
  • Rhubarb Compote
  • Rye sourdough loaf
  • Mushroom Biryani

When fighting a cold, tea is essential. I always start with lemon and ginger and then throw in whatever else is on hand. Today that included tumeric, lemongrass stalks, mint and lemon mint. Delightful. Didn’t even need a drop of honey to sweeten it.

Moving on… Slight problem… No chicken. I got the stock base going and then zipped out to the shops. Arriving home the aroma of garlic and onions wafted from the kitchen. I threw in the chicken and veggies on hand; cabbage, beans and corn from the garden, leek and red capsicum from the fridge. We’d run out of stock so I added miso, which led to adding nori. Simmer away and then down the hatch to power up the sick one.

Since I’m one for multi tasking I started the yoghurt while I finished the soup. The soup led to stock which led to mustard. Both had been missing from the fridge and on my to do list for weeks.

Clearing out the veg draw brought my attention to the rhubarb which I’d impulse bought last week. It’s not often you find a compote recipe that is just rhubarb. Kimberly of The Year in Food fame included one in her book Vibrant Food and it’s delicious. Tart yet sweet, smooth with a few lingering rhubarb strings for substance. Fab!

The sourdough that I started pre market visit finished its second rise and got popped in the oven as I started to make dinner. One pot mushroom biryani from Anna Jones’ A modern way to eat. Such great flavour: cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander. Beautifully warming.

It’s certainly been a non stop day. Time to relax with another cup of tea and a slice of fresh sourdough topped with goats cheese and rhubarb compote. Mmmm mm.