Welcome Back! Hope you have all had a wonderful holiday. Ours has perhaps been longer than most. 10 days in Melbourne to celebrate the festive days with family and friends and two weeks hibernating at home, reading, beaching, cooking and coffeeing. Bliss! With Juls now back at work, this has been our first week returning to real life; my first week of quieter moments to add to this space. I have been thinking about it a little and pondering new directions to take.

At the end of last year I introduced a feature Kitchen Days. Posts to record my marathon cooking sessions that occur about once a month. (There’s one happening next week, with company and a new cookbook to explore. Keep your eyes peeled.) There are two other features I’d like to add this year.

The first is a cookbook review. There are thousands of great cookbooks out there. (This store is perfect evidence of that.) But if you’re anything like me, you like to be a little selective. I detest shelves where even the books gather dust. I purchase most of my cookbooks online these days (Newie lacks a decent bookstore), but I miss being able to flick through a book to see if it’s worth my while. Hence this feature. I’m going to throw my two cents out there.

The second feature is Kitchen Tips. There are heaps of little tricks I’ve learned over the years that make my life in the kitchen easier. I’ve always wanted to share them but they’ve never warranted a full post. I thought I’d throw a few together at a time, once in a while.

Finally… this blog started out with a nutrition focus as a way of further educating myself  on the subject. They’ll still be tidbits of this here and there. But the truth is that writing on nutrition, even if researched and referenced, makes me feel a bit of a fraud. After all, I’m an osteopath, not a nutritionist.

I’ll be tagging posts as follows if you miss one…
‘Kitchen Days’, ‘Cookbooks’, ‘Kitchen Tips’ and of course ‘From Scratch’

Here’s to a fab year ahead.