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This week has been more of a kitchen week than a kitchen day. My mind has been juggling a list of condiments, breakfasts and dairy/dairy alternatives. I have had good intentions, but multiple miniature interruptions have delayed me from diving in. And I don’t just mean Léo. Australia Day was one. Recovering from Australia Day another. It is amazing how exhausting nibbling on cheese and antipasto platters for six hours can be. Especially in conjunction with two glasses of wine, my first for some time. My kitchen day belatedly started Wednesday night and finished mid-afternoon Friday.

The run down:

  • Yoghurt
  • Coconut Milk
  • Green smoothie
  • Labna
  • Rhubarb Cardamom Compote
  • Pecan Muesli
  • Rhubarb Cardamom Ice-cream
  • Organic Home Grown Tomato Relish

Ever since we returned from Melbourne after the Christmas holidays, my fridge and pantry have been lacking a few basics. Juls and I have been on the smoothie band wagon for breakfast lately (another story for another time…), long enough that I’ve started to miss my bowl of fresh fruit, topped with crunchy muesli and a spoonful of creamy yoghurt. So Wednesday night I made a batch of yoghurt, hoping that come Thursday morning when it was ready, I might get to the muesli and be able to enjoy a bowl. It wasn’t to be. My little man had a teething day and ‘quick and easy’ were the necessary adjectives for any meal. A green smoothie it was. Thankfully, I had made a fresh jar of coconut milk the previous night.

The green smoothie used the last of the whey that I had frozen into ice cubes. Time for some more. I spooned two cups of yoghurt into a muslin, strung it over a jar and left it in the fridge to dehydrate into Labna, separating out the whey. A two for one dead easy recipe. If you can call it that.

After a fussy morning Thursday, Léo had a long lunchtime nap. I took advantage and made that Pecan Muesli. Remind me never to buy supermarket nuts again. Even when desperate, they are just not worth it. Oven baking upgrades them to ‘barely tolerable’ if combined with other foods. But still… just don’t do it.

I’ve had intentions to experiment with fruit flavoured ice-creams for a while. This is the basic recipe I use, but getting fruit to over power the coconut can be challenging. Wednesday arvo I had made a batch of rhubarb compote. Remind me also to never experiment while fatigued. Too much lemon and cardamom. To save it, I thought I’d try turning it into ice-cream. Nothing to lose. At the very least the coconut would mellow the lemon and cardamom. And it did. A flavour worth perfecting I think.

Returning from holiday, the fridge might have been empty but the garden was bursting. Our tomato vines were dripping with fist sized fruit. I picked a few kilos green to save them from visiting King Parrots and have been watching them ripening on my kitchen bench ever since. This morning, I finally got chopping and churned them into chutney. The house smells amazing. Hints of fennel, cumin and sweet paprika. Can’t wait to serve it up aside that next cheese and cracker platter. Keep an eye out, I’ll be sharing the recipe next post.

Happy Cooking


What jars of goodies are filling your fridge today?