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Time seems to be flying by at the moment. My little man will be five months next week. One month of maternity leave remains. In some ways I feel the need to make the most of it. At other times I realise nothing is ending. Being a part-time working mum is just another stepping stone to embrace.

I did not expect to find so much pleasure in being an ‘at-home’ mum. Life sure has its surprises. I could happily continue for a while yet, but the bank calls, the mortgage beckons. Like all new mums, the juggling will soon begin.

I’ve never been one to jam pack my schedule. I am too introverted for that. But neither have I ever spent so much time at home. There is an art to slowing down; learning to play and to potter. It is such a precious and valuable lesson. When we jump from one event to the next, from one project to another, are we truly savouring our moments? Are we for filling our desires or simply meeting obligations and the expectations of others?

I wonder if I will be able to maintain this slower pace when I return to work. Will I be able to make time to potter in the kitchen, dabble in the garden and even hunch over my sewing machine as I have this past week. I hope with all my heart that I can.


This isn’t really a recipe but it seemed to fit well with my thoughts on slowing down. Some foods take time, but are absolutely worth waiting for. I’d put this on that list.

Labna is quite simply dehydrated yoghurt and has a plethora of uses. Spoon a dollop into soup, use it as a base for dips, daub some onto your taco or my personal favourite, smear it on sourdough with a dash of chia jam for a healthier version of scones with jam and cream. Essentially use it any place you might find cream cheese or sour cream.

As a bonus for making your own Labna, you’ll be blessed with its bi-product whey. Don’t even think about throwing it out. It is full of minerals and protein. I suggest freezing it in ice-cube trays and throwing it into your morning smoothie or porridge bowl.


Makes approx 1 cup

2 cups of good old plain full fat natural yoghurt – avoid the sugar filled flavoured stuff

Cover a wide mouthed glass jar with a muslin cloth. Spoon the yoghurt into the cloth, letting it hang down into the jar as needed. Using a rubber band, suspend the cloth from the top of the jar, ensuring that the bottom of the cloth is at least 2 inches above the bottom of the jar. You don’t want the bottom of the bundle to be immersed in the whey as it drains out. Place in the refrigerator overnight, approximately 10 hours. Less if you want to runnier, longer if you want it thicker. The whey will drain out of the yoghurt, leaving you with delicious creamy labna.