My kitchen is quite small and so I try to keep kitchen gadgets & equipment to a minimum. However the more I’ve enjoyed and learnt about cooking the more I seem to accumulate. Bit of a catch 22. Here is my list of essentials.

Small and large flat bottomed frying pans
Small, medium & large sauce pans
Steamer with lid
Large stockpot
Roasting dish
Coquette (Ceramic casserole dish)
Cast-iron grill pan

Mixing bowls – small & large
Small & large baking trays
Muffin trays
Spring form cake tin
Loaf tin
Tart tin (with removable base)
Ceramic pie dish
Pie weights
Pizza stones
Cake cooling racks
Cork / oven proofs mats

Chopping Boards  –  Measuring jug, cups & spoons  –  Electric scales  –  Citurs juicer  –  Box Grater  –  Large colander  –  Fine mesh sieve  –  Salad spinner

Sharp knives  –  Wooden spoons  –  Metal tongs  –  Curved rubber spatula  –  Mandolin  –  Micro-plane grater  –  Vegetable peeler  –  Rolling pin  –  Whisk  –  Flat spatula  –  Slotted spoon  –  Ladle  –  Tin opener  –  Silicon pastry brush  –  Mortar & pestle  –  Kitchen scissors  –  Salad servers

Apron  –  Oven mitts  –  Tea towels  –  Cheese cloths / Muslin
Cling film  –  Baking paper  –  Aluminium foil
Glass jars – small, large & everything inbetween

Machines & Electrical
Coffee grinder – If you’re an addict like me
Pasta machine
Cast-iron tea pot
Stove top coffee maker

You might notice that there are a few major electrical items missing from that list. I invested in a Thermomix twelve months ago and haven’t looked back. If you haven’t come across it, imagine a high powered blender with a heat source, in-built scales and timer. It has allowed me to make a lot of foods from scratch quickly & easily. In my kitchen it replaces the following and thus items that are also useful…

Food Processor
Electric beater – hand held
Electric mixer – with dough attachment
Ice-cream maker
Spice grinder
Food mill

I also don’t own a microwave or an electric kettle – a stove top always works well enough for me – though it may take a little longer.


What are your thoughts?

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