Herbs & Spices

That I’ve given herbs & spices their own page is a testament to how much I value their worth in the kitchen. Added to a dish, the right herbs & spices can be a game changer, elevating a meal from ‘pretty good’ to ‘out of this world’.

Here is a list of spices I consider essential and use daily, followed by a few extras that are nice to have but with which you can do without.


Ground Spices
Cumin  –  Coriander  –  Tumeric  –  Paprika (smoked)  –  Cayenne Pepper                   –  Cardamon  –  Clove  –  Nutmeg  –  Cinnamon  –  Vanilla Powder –  Ginger
Extras: – Paprika (hot)  –  Sumac  –  Sezcuan Pepper

Whole spices
Cumin  –  Coriander  –  Fenugreek  –  Chilli Flakes  –  Cardamon  –  Cinnamon Scrolls  – Clove  –  Yellow Mustard Seeds  –  Black Mustard Seeds  –  Bay Leaves  –  Aniseed –  Fennel Seeds
Extras: Nigella Seeds  –  Caraway

For the sake of ease and a cost saving, I buy the majority of spices whole and then grind them up. A coffee grinder usually suffices.

Herbs bought from a supermarket are stupidly expensive. There are always more than you need and they never last long enough for you to use them all up.

The solution? Grow your own. Its not as difficult nor does it take as much space as you think. Promise. Some pots, potting mix, lots of sun, regular watering and they’ll bloom. Pick as little or as much as you like, just as you need them.

Here’s what’s growing in my garden at the moment…
(roughly listed by frequency of use)

Mint  –  Oregano  –  Parsley  –  Basil  –  Rosemary  –  Thyme  –  Sage  –  Chives  –  Dill  –  Coriander  –  Tarragon  –  Lemongrass  –  Ginger  –  Curry plant  –  Bay leaf tree.

On my shopping list:  –  a kaffir lime leaf, marjorum & chervil.



What are your thoughts?

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