Cook Books

The Kitchen Garden Companion – Stephanie Alexander
Works through a comprehensive list of fruits & vegetables providing an abundance of information on the best cooking methods and flavour combinations for each.

Plenty – Yottom Ottolenghi
Beautiful fresh vegetarian food full of unique flavours. Predominantly main dishes, giving you maximum inspiration for easy mid-week dinners.

The Green KitchenDavid Frenkiel & Luise Vindahl Anderson
Famous in the blog world for Green Kitchen Stories, The Green Kitchen is their first cookbook. Vibrant & creative vegetarian food. Modern, Simple & Tasty.

A Platter of Figs – David Tanis
This is the book for you if you love a rustic dinner party! Focuses on fresh seasonal food and provides menu ideas for all the seasons.

Food Safari  –  Maeve O’Meera
This book is an introduction to cuisines from all around the world. While I generally find it too meat heavy for my tastes it has great descriptions of essential ingredients and flavours for a wide variety of cuisines.

French Food Safari  –  Maeve O’Meera & Guillaume Brahimi
While french cuisine is too heavy on the meat & butter for me personally, I value the passion and respect they have for fresh and quality ingredients. We all have something to learn from the french approach to producing, cooking & sharing a meal.

Seasonal Food – Susannah Blake
Contains a comprehensive  list of whats in season when and information on how to choose the best produce when at the market. Filled with seasonal recipes to make the best of the freshest produce. An invaluable resource.

The Handmade Loaf – Dan Lepard
I love this book for its step by step guides for baking great breads. It even has a recipe for making your own sourdough starter.

My Darling Lemon ThymeEmma Galloway
A recent new addition that I can’t wait to start using. Love all the info on gluten free flours. Seems full of fresh, easy to prepare, healthy recipes.

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Books of Food for Thought

In Defense of Food – Michael Pollan
A must read for anyone questioning our modern food system, the western diet & nutritionism.

Nourishing Traditions – Sally Fallon
A one of a kind introduction abounding with nutritional information, followed by 100’s of simple recipes which encourage preparing food from scratch.

Food and Healing – Annemarie Colbin
Just arrived… so excited to dive in!

The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods – Murry / Pizzorino
Still getting into this one – let you know when I’m far enough through


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